The Untamed – Voiceover

While this video is under dispute on YouTube, it thankfully can reside at Critical Commons, here:

The voice over videographic exercise was the one that tripped me up when I first tried to do the videographic exercises to Twin Peaks: The Return last year. There definitely is something challenging about hearing your own voice recorded, and while I’ve done the occasional podcast interview and obviously I get up in front of a classroom to speak all the time, recording audio to edit in my own creative work was basically a non-starter the first time round.

But this time, I changed my approach. I decided I wanted to do something more conversational and more personal. I love that this assignment asks for your voiceover to be about something specifically other than your visual source. Once I fully let go and let the voiceover be its own thing, it actually came quite easily. Of course this means that there will necessarily be seeming disconnect between the visuals and the audio, especially since you’re not supposed to cut into the video, though you can manipulate it. I took advantage of the manipulate clause to lower the opacity and add in some VCR-esque effects; this allowed me to cut out an annoying side character who was really disrupting the piece 😀 and also helped to merge the aesthetic of The Untamed with my memories of watching Dirty Dancing on VHS.

I also made this a bit of a (very rudimentary) epigraph, but with a quote from a space of public media scholarship (rather than a formal academic essay), The Mary Sue. I thought Abby Norman’s piece was a wonderful meditation on how our fannish engagement changes and yet sometimes stays the same over our personal histories. And that is akin to the ideas I hope to get at in this piece: the uneven and messy ways in which I’ve been drawn to different media and characters over time, the complexity of identification, our capacity to identify with multiple characters, our capacity to identify across cultural chasms, the messy space between self-recognition and identification.

And did I have mapped out in my head a whole comparison between Dirty Dancing and The Untamed? Hmmm, not one that holds up if you poke it with even a short stick, but I’d love to read this AU if someone ever writes it!